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The Buzz about Milk and Honey:

“This down sleep sack is such high quality. I’d bought a number of different mass market sleep sacks before (Halo, Grobag, BabyinaBag, etc.) and wish I’d just started with this one instead. It keeps baby warm without overheating, as with fleece and polyfill ones. My baby is also sleeping an average of 45 minutes to 1 hour longer each night.” – Enmi, mother in Seattle

“The Baby Snap Sack® is just beautiful and so well made…It is one of the best baby purchases I have made hands down.”  – Ann, mother in Massachusetts

“This sleep sack is absolutely beautiful. My little guy loves it and looks so comfy in it. He has slept in it in both warm and cold days and it has kept his core temperature just right. Prior to getting this sleep sack he would wake up cold. Thank you – we love it and will recommend it to everyone that we know who has a baby or a toddler.” – Jackie, mother in Calgary

“Our son is an athletic little sleeper, and manages to kick off his normal bedclothes several times a night. This results in him waking up, which wakes his Mum, who then wakes his Dad (sometimes not gently), who is then sent stumbling off to tuck him in again. However since we received the Snuggle Down, he’s been sleeping the whole night through! So our son loves his sleep sack, as does his Dad! A big thank you from Norway!” – Keith, father in Norway

“We live In an old 1940’s surf cottage on the coast, and nights can be especially chilly with the ocean breeze. Since purchasing the down sleep sack, our 7 month old son has been sleeping better than ever. We are so pleased with the quality of the product, love that he will be able to use it as he continues to grow, and that it was made in the USA!” – Chelsea, mother in California

“We use the sleep sack every night in our wood-stove-only house. I cannot tell you how much I love it!! We rave about it to everyone; I’m sure our parents are tired of hearing about it by now. It truly changed the game for us on so many levels- I don’t worry about our son getting tangled in bedding, covering his head in blankets and I know he’s warm. Generally, it’s a huge relief. I washed it today and it came out beautifully! I just put it in the dryer by itself with a tennis ball on medium heat and it was perfect. Thank you for making such a lovely product with so much care – we’re truly grateful!” – Abby, mother in Colorado

“Thank you so much for the beautiful sleep sack. It was an absolute joy to receive looking at how much thought had gone into its construction. I was surprised by how small the box was! Clearly the down is very high quality as the sack expanded quickly making it quite snuggly. It arrived just in time for our first snow fall of the year. Joshua slept so peacefully and so did I knowing he would not wake from getting cold. Every time I checked he was warm as toast. What a relief!” – Mary, mother in New Zealand

“We love the sleep sack.  It keeps our little Riley nice and toasty. It  has  given her  a couple extra hours of  sleep  because of  how comfortable she is. Before we had the sleep sack she was up at night sleeping restlessly. And we all know if she gets sleep, so do I! This is a must for a newborn and makes a great gift.” – George, father in Pennsylvania

“It gets so cold here in winter. We now keep the house at 65 during the night and the sack is perfect. Our daughter is warm and cozy but not too hot. Fleece makes her sweaty and isn’t as breathable.  This sack keeps her comfy and the quality is outstanding.  We use it every night – well worth the money.” – Emily, mother in Wisconsin

“I love these sleep sacks and will be purchasing them for friends whose children have babies…My grandson, for whom I have bought these sleep sacks, is now 12 months old and breaks out in the biggest smile when he is going to be put in the sleep sack. He giggles and stretches and makes such sweet sounds when I or my daughter lay the sleep sack on his changing table for him to be zipped into…From a loyal customer who has immense respect for the way you do business and for your product. I believe little Silas not only feels the comfort of his sleep sacks but also the commitment of its creator.” – Norma, grandmother in Connecticut

“This Snuggle Down is just gorgeous! So soft and snuggly and warm. We have nestled our son into it each night except for two since we received it, a particularly cool coastal summer. He loved the ritual of crawling over to it and being zipped and buttoned into his Snuggle Down before bed. He gets a super-sweet smile on his face. And we love taking it off in the morning and feeling his nice, warm toes! Thanks for making such a wonderful, quality product!” – Valentine, mother in California

“The Snuggle Down is fantastic. Our 15-month old looks so cozy in it, like a little warm caterpillar. Before we bought it, we had to heat the house pretty high at night so the baby wouldn’t be cold — despite the layers of fleece we were dressing him in. But the down filling makes all the difference, and now we’ve been able to lower the heat several degrees and he’s still snug and warm. The sack is extremely well made. The placement of the snaps/zippers are very practical and will allow it to grow with the baby.” – Mandy, mother in Rhode Island

“I received our sleep sack about a month ago and just wanted to let you know how happy we are with it. I was always so disappointed with the sleep sacks in the stores – we would double them up and still have to put an electric heater on in the baby’s room. Our baby loves his Milk and Honey sleep sack. It keeps him warm and cozy and he sleeps great in it. I am only sad we did not discover your sleep sacks until our 5th child. Thank you for the quick customer service and high quality product – it is well worth every penny.” – Beth, mother in Pennsylvania

“We absolutely adore the down sleep sack! It is warm and snuggly as well as adorable! We live in Vermont and the cold nights were difficult as we like to sleep cooler but were worried about our little one getting chilly. She is now sleeping through the night (woohoo!) and we don’t have to worry about her at all. Thank you for such a wonderful product! I get excited to put her in it every night.” – Jenny, mother in Vermont

“These sleep sacks are the absolute best!  I’ve bought four for my grandchildren, some for summer, some for winter, and they are the ones preferred by both children and their parents.  The wool and muslin variations on the market are nice but not as good as these.  And Susan at The Milk and Honey Company is a delight too. Well worth the price and highly recommended.” – Keren, grandmother in Massachusetts

“Just wanted to let you know that the sleep sack arrived several days ago and that we’re in love with it. It is VERY spacious, our baby will be able to wear it for some time to come. It’s so comfy, she makes “Oooh!” sounds when I slip her in at night.” – Adeline, mother in Massachusetts

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SACK!! This is my second purchase here, and I couldn’t be happier. The quality of these sacks are exceptional…I would recommend both the lightweight version and the down version of the Baby Snap Sack® to anyone with a baby-toddler. My son is sleeping wonderfully comfortable, toasty warm, and SAFE!! THANK YOU FOR SUCH A QUALITY PRODUCT!!” – Danielle, mother in Massachusetts

“We received the Snuggle Down about a week ago, and have been using it since! It is very pretty, and very functional with the snaps. I was a little worried that my daughter would not like sleeping in a bag as she has not done that before and is 1 year old, but it actually seems like she sleeps better than before. I love that I can open the bag up under her feet while she is sleeping to regulate her warmth! She has no problem standing up in bed with it and even moving around a little…I think she is sleeping calmer…and she does not have cold feet in the morning!! Thank you soooo much! and thank you for great service!!!!!” – Kamilla, mother in Norway

“…we LOVE this sleeping bag! It is so pretty, soft, and cozy. Our baby actually sleeps more soundly in her Snuggle Down (and you cannot put a price on sleep!), and I can rest better knowing that she’s warmer and my thermostat doesn’t have to be set sky-high during the winter. One of the best baby purchases I’ve made.” – Skye, mother in Virginia

“My husband and nanny made fun of me for buying this when I pulled it out of the lovely packaging. They aren’t laughing anymore. My son sleeps like a rock in this sleep sack.” – Kimberly, mother in Chicago

“I love these! Got one for my best friend’s baby shower because I love mine so so so much! Compare the cost of this to the cost of turning up the heat at night for three winters. Snuggle Down is the clear winner. You make a wonderful product. Thank you!” – Kate, mother in Massachusetts

“We love our Snuggle Down! It is beautifully constructed and so soft. The nights have just started getting cold here, and our daughter was waking up more often than usual because she was cold. She has slept much better since she started sleeping in her Snuggle Down. Customer service is excellent. Thank you!” – Rina, mother in Nevada

“I have one of these for my daughter, and I love it so much. I recommend your snuggle down sacks to all of my mommy friends…Thank you for your lovely, ingenious, and well-made products. I am so lucky to have found you!” – Kate, mother in Massachusetts

“Super perfect! My baby sleeps so well in his Snuggle Down!” – Camilla, mother in Norway

“The Snuggle Down will last for years, then you can pass it down! If you bought it for a newborn, I would think it would fit for 3 years. My 21 month old daughter is wearing it now and hopefully through next winter, too. Buy a Snuggle Down for your little one or as a gift. You will not be disappointed!!” – Jennifer, mother in Massachusetts

“Thank you for making this wonderful down sleep sack. My daughter was born on new years eve and I have used the sack from the day she was born. It will keep her comfortably warm during the cold Norwegian winter.” – Therese, mother in Norway

“My newborn son really seems to like his Snuggle Down, and I don’t have to worry about him wiggling out of his swaddle at night – he’s a little Houdini sometimes!” – Sheri, mother in Nebraska

“I love cool fall nights when we can open our windows and stay under a nice, warm down comforter. This was a challenge when our son was young as we didn’t want to put a cover over him for fear of it covering his face. Last night we opened the windows…and were able to put our 8 month old daughter in her Snuggle Down, and know that she was warm and safe. It fit very well with the adjustability of of the shoulders and sides. Knowing my children are warm and safe at night helps us all sleep better.” – Cynthia, mother in North Carolina

“WE LOVE IT!!! When it arrived, we couldn’t wait for our daughter to go to bed so that she could snuggle down in it!! The fabric is precious and every detail is sewn/crafted meticulously, with love.  Her night of sleep, even in the midst of daylight savings, was terrific and I slept better too, knowing my little one was cozy in her crib!…” – Annie, mother in New York

“The power went out at our house last week, and it was pretty cold upstairs BUT it was no big deal because my daughter took a long morning nap in her Snuggle Down. She was so cozy!” – Niki, mother in North Carolina

“We’re loving it, if I can use that strong of a word. My baby sleeps on his tummy, and I can even get him into it after he falls asleep in my arms. I tried it on my rather husky 24 month old, and it fits him, too, so I’m glad we should be able to use this next winter as well. Great job. It’s so lovely! ” – Glory, mother in Ohio

“I’m so happy with my Snuggle Down! It came quickly, and it is a great product, practical, sturdy, and cute. Seller is very attentive. Thank you thank you! I’m going to recommend this to friends who are having babies or looking for baby shower gifts!” – Kate, mother in Massachusetts

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