Ten Years of The Baby Snap Sack® {Part 2}

By Carson Davis

The story behind a decade of stylish comfort, quality, and ingenuity {Part 2}

In {Part 1} of the origin story of the Milk and Honey Co. Baby Snap Sack®, founder Susan Isler saw a problem and started dreaming up a solution. The problem: a new baby in a new house with chilly nights. The solution: a wearable down blanket with multiple size options to grow with the child for years.

Susan’s sewing skills were limited at first, but her drive pushed her to keep practicing and innovating. Soon the developing sleeping bag became a family project. Her husband helped figure out the zipper, and she added shoulder snaps like the ones from their favorite cloth diapers. And it worked! The seams weren’t perfectly straight, but her son was warm, cozy, and safe.  


Thrilled, she made another sleeping bag for her son and gave the original to a friend at her baby shower. Imagine her embarrassment when the mom-to-be opened the box and tiny down feathers were launched and sent soaring into the air, eventually settling on the furniture and women sitting nearby. That day Susan learned an important lesson: Just because a fabric has a high thread count, it’s not necessarily “downproof”!

Susan promised to make her friend a new sleeping bag. In the process, this friend became her primary design consultant. That early support helped transform Susan’s naptime hobby into The Milk and Honey Co., a thriving business with growing markets in the US, Canada, and Europe.