About the Designer

Susan is a mother of seven children (currently ages 15, 14, 12, 10, 9, 7, and 5), and a Labor & Delivery RN. She and her family reside in a cozy mountainside home near Asheville, North Carolina.

Early one morning when Susan's second daughter was a baby, she woke to the sound of her muffled cries. As her baby daughter slept, she had become tangled in her blanket, and it had wrapped around her face...thankfully without harm. After that incident though, she began using wearable blankets in the crib as a safer alternative to traditional baby blankets.

The widely available sleep sacks made with cotton and fleece were often not warm enough. The rest of the family slept under down blankets, which were perfectly cozy, light and lofty for year-round use.

Susan marveled at the thought of our baby snuggled in a wearable down sleep sack made to stand the test of time.

After several experiments with sketching and producing an original pattern, she successfully created a baby sleep sack with down fill and adjustable sizing with snaps (patent pending), which was originally known as the “Snuggle Down”. She made several for family and friends, and progressively improved the product in aesthetics and function.

Though Susan no longer makes them herself, the Baby Snap Sack® continues to be manufactured locally in North Carolina, USA, and is keeping babies warm and safe for sleep all over the world.