Policies & FAQs

When will my order arrive?

Unless otherwise specified on the product page, orders will ship within 2 business days. Delivery speed depends on route chosen at checkout. The most commonly chosen shipping methods are Priority Mail (2-3 business days), and USPS First Class Mail International (usually 7-14 business days to Canada). The delivery speed for countries other than the US and Canada can be very unpredictable… For example orders to Europe have taken 2-3 weeks, and orders to South Africa have taken 1-3 months. You will receive a order confirmation with a tracking number when your items ship.

What is your return policy?

We want every customer to be completely satisfied. All products can be returned at any time for refund or repair.

Will I be charged sales tax?

Customers in the state of NC will be charged a 7.75% sales tax. There will be no sales tax charged to customers in the other 49 states. Customers outside the US are responsible for fees and taxes imposed by their own country for imported merchandise upon arrival. For example, here is a calculator for Canadian tax estimates. 

How do I wash my sleeping bag? Does it have to be dry cleaned?

Dry cleaning is not necessary. All of our sleeping bags are machine washable. Slide zippers to the bottom, so the sack lays open. Machine wash both the down and wool sleeping bags with a cold gentle cycle and mild detergent suitable for down and wool. We recommend Eucalan detergent. The wool sleeping bags can be tumble dried or laid flat to dry. The down sleeping bags should NOT be line dried or laid flat to dry. It is important to tumble dry thoroughly, so down becomes fully dry and lofty. A tennis ball or wool dryer ball can be placed in the dryer to speed the drying process and optimize loft. 

Will the sleeping bags fit my 2 year old?

These unique sleeping bags are designed to grow with a child from infancy into the toddler years. Our sleeping bags fit most children well from 3 months to 3T. 

What are the dimensions of the baby sleeping bags?

Unsnapped dimensions are 44″ long and 17″ wide.

The snaps are about 1″ apart. The chest snapped at the smallest setting is 9″-10″ across. The length is not changed significantly when the shoulder snaps are tightened. The snaps do more to secure the fit around the shoulders and chest, than to alter the overall length. The extra length flows below a baby’s feet, as a traditional blanket would.

What should my baby wear under the sleeping bag?

Dress your baby in seasonally appropriate pajamas underneath the down or wool sleeping bag. Every baby is different, so it may take a few nights to find the ideal combination. See below for general recommendations:

68-72 deg F (20-22 deg C) indoors: short sleeve cotton pajamas

60-68 deg F (15-20 deg C)  indoors: long sleeve cotton pajamas

below 60 deg F (15 deg C) indoors: long sleeve merino wool pajamas

Note: We do not recommend synthetic fleece pajamas, as they are not breathable — they may cause babies to sweat, even while remaining cold.

Is the down hypoallergenic? What is the fill power?

The down fill in our comforter weight sleeping bag is premium 750-fill power white goose down. It is lofty down you would expect to find in a quality adult down comforter or sleeping bag. It is authentically hypoallergenic — in that it is properly sterilized by a rigorous high temperature washing process, rather than sanitized by chemicals. When you hear of people with allergies to down, it is likely that the down was “cleaned” by the latter process. We have never had a customer return one of our down sleeping bags due to an allergy.

Please send us an email through the contact form with any questions. We are happy to help, and hope you will love our products as much as we do!