Ten Years of The Baby Snap Sack {Part 4}

By Carson Davis

The story behind a decade of stylish comfort, quality, and ingenuity {Part 4}

This four-part series on The Milk and Honey Co. Baby Snap Sack® covers the initial design {Part 1}, early growth {Part 2}, expansion {Part 3}, and continued innovation. In the beginning, founder Susan Isler committed to making a product that was safe, beautiful, and durable. Ten years later, her company is thriving and offering parents even more safe sleep options for babies and toddlers.

Much of Susan’s success comes from her ability to listen to customers. A few years ago, she started receiving requests for a lighter sleeping bag from parents who loved the original design but wanted less weight for warmer months. Intrigued by the challenge, Susan started researching material and began learning about the benefits of wool bedding. Wool is warm, but not too warm. In fact, wool’s breathability helps regulate body temperature year-round. Its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties mean that it naturally repels dust mites and mold. Once Susan realized how wonderful a wool sleeping bag could be, she designed it. Today, the mid-weight wool bag is a favorite of parents and children alike.


Around the time that she introduced the wool sleeping bag, Susan was also experimenting with other materials. One family had reached out to ask if she could create a camping bag for their toddler, and the prototype turned out so well that she decided to offer an outdoor baby sleeping bag to everyone in 2018. Besides material, shape is the big difference between the outdoor bag and the original design. The new bag tapers at the bottom like a mummy bag, which allows it to roll with a sleeping baby without constricting movement.

Once Susan began hearing positive feedback about the outdoor bag’s shape from pleased parents, she decided to change the shape of the down and wool bags. Today, all sleeping bags are shaped like a peapod instead of the original bell shape. The 2-way zipper fully separates on this redesign, so the sleeping bags unfold into a traditional rectangular blanket for car or stroller rides. A ribbon at the foot pulls the bag closed for extra chilly nights and adds a decorative touch.

After a decade in business, Susan remains as passionate about quality products as she was in the beginning. If the last ten years are any indication, the next ten hold lots of promise for The Milk and Honey Company.