Down Baby Sleep Sack
indigo chambray dot warm baby sleep sack
warm baby toddler sleep sack filled with down
baby snap sack features: one adjustable size, fits baby and toddler, two way zipper, 750+ fill power down
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teal woodland animals baby sleep sack warm for winter
twinkle star sky blue baby sleep sack filled with down for fall and winter
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Down Baby Sleep Sack
Down Baby Sleep Sack
Down Baby Sleep Sack
Down Baby Sleep Sack
Down Baby Sleep Sack
Down Baby Sleep Sack
Down Baby Sleep Sack
Down Baby Sleep Sack
Down Baby Sleep Sack
Down Baby Sleep Sack

Down Baby Sleep Sack

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The Baby Snap Sack® with down fill (also known as the Snuggle Down) is a unique one-size warm baby sleep sack. It is equipped with adjustable snaps over the shoulders and across the chest to customize a perfect fit for your growing baby or toddler from 3 months to 3T.

Our warm baby sleep sacks are filled with premium 750 fill power down, which provides warmth without weight. These sleep sacks are beautiful and versatile -- warm enough for winter, but also light and lofty for year-round comfort in many climates. Your baby will drift off to sleep gently wrapped in a soft downy cloud. Recommended room temperature: 14-20°C (58-68°F) / TOG 2.5


Designed, handcrafted, packaged and shipped with care from our shop ✨ Black Mountain, NC, USA

Warm Baby Sleep Sack

Our cozy comforter weight Baby Snap Sack® is a down-filled warm baby sleep sack designed to grow with a child from infant to toddler. The shell is 100% cotton filled with premium and lofty 750-fill power down for breathable all-season comfort. Recommended room temperature: 14-20°C (58-68°F) / TOG 2.5

Our unique patent pending design features snaps to adjust size both over the shoulders and across the chest, to fit most children from 3 months to 3T. Unsnapped dimensions are 44″ long and 17" wide. 

The Baby Snap Sack® is designed with a two-way zipper for easy diaper changing. A fully closed bottom protects your baby's legs from openings in crib rails, and can help prevent attempts to climb and tumble out of a crib. The design also provides the option to give your baby added mobility as he or she grows into an active toddler.

The down-filled warm baby and toddler sleep sack can also be converted to a traditional blanket for cold weather strolls, or kept as a security blanket for older toddlers...just open the snaps and slide both zipper pulls to the bottom to unfold and lay open like a butterfly.

Do you sleep comfortably under a down blanket most of the year? Our down-filled warm baby and toddler sleep sack keeps little ones snug and cozy, and helps with sleeping through the night. You can rest easier too, with the peace of mind that your baby or toddler won't kick off the covers.

Outer: 100% cotton

Lining: 500 thread count 100% cotton sateen

Fill: 750-fill power down

Guidelines for Sleep Safety

  • The Baby Snap Sack® has been tested by an accredited agency, and conforms to CPSC safety standards. The fabric is not treated with flame retardant chemicals.
  • Consider the sleep sack a blanket, not pajamas. Begin by dressing your baby in appropriate pajamas underneath made of natural fibers, such as cotton or wool. We do not recommend synthetic fleece pajamas, as they can cause baby to sweat, even while remaining cold. For colder temperatures, we recommend pairing the sleep sack with our merino wool baselayers.
  • Place your baby inside the sleep sack, and close the zipper.
  • Adjust sizing with the snaps both over the shoulders and across the chest. The fit should be loose enough for air to circulate, but secure to keep arms from slipping inside.
  • Remove all objects such as toys and extra blankets from your baby's sleeping space. Place your baby on his or her back to sleep.
  • If your baby looks or feels too warm, adjust the room temperature or remove the sleeping bag.
  • To prevent entanglement, do not add extra blankets over the sleep sack if your baby remains cold.
  • If your baby looks or feels too cold, adjust the room temperature or add layers to underclothes.
  • See our FAQ page for pajama and temperature recommendations.

Care Instructions

  • Spot clean when reasonable.
  • Undo snaps and slide both zipper pulls to the bottom of the sleep sack for washing and drying, so that it lays open.
  • Hand wash or machine wash cold on gentle cycle with mild detergent suitable for down and wool. We recommend this one.
  • Tumble dry thoroughly.

Return Policy

  • We want every customer to be completely satisfied, and to enjoy our products as much as we do! Milk & Honey products can be sent back anytime for refund or repair. Please contact us with any questions about your order.

Love & Enjoy!